Yugioh is one current game I am playing. It is a hybrid between real-time strategy and turn-based gameplay. The object of the game is to utilize different strategies to force your opposition’s “Life Points” to zero. With using monsters, spells and trap cards, you can devise multiple ways to crush your opponent. Within each branch of card types, there are multiple sub-categories to choose from. Within monsters, you have Normal,Effect, Fusion, Ritual, Synchro and XYZ Monsters. For spells, you have Normal, Continuous, Equip, Ritual and Quick Play, Also, for Traps, you have Normal, Continuous, and Counter Traps. I would definitely recommend this game to others.

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2 Responses to Yugioh(

  1. jarch3r says:

    I have also enjoyed Yugioh games in the past. However, I’m not so sure it’s a hybrid as opposed to simply a turn-based strategy game. It bothered me that no matter how powerful your monster card, one trap card could render it useless (or let your enemy gain control of it).

  2. theboyd0309 says:

    I remember this. It used to be really big when we were kids. I remember watching my friends gather around for hours and play this and then go and watch the show. I never personally got into it but I could see the appeal that it had to so many people.

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